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-The material I will be presenting is hosted there+====== Advanced scientific Pythondecorators, context managers, generators, and elements of object oriented programming ====== 
-[[https://​github.com/​eroesch/​ASPP2017-AdvConcepts|https://​github.com/​eroesch/​ASPP2017-AdvConcepts]]+… more info soon …
-Once you have cloned the repository, cd in the folder and run: 
-$>   //​jupyter notebook ASPP2017-AdvConcept-WithSolutions.ipynb//​ 
-If you prefer, you can simply read through the notebook there: 
-You can play with the notebook during the lecture, but bear in mind I am demonstrating how to handle errors and exceptions and this will crash the notebook by design. You'll have to run the cells accordingly,​ preferably using the nbextensions listed in the notebook. 
-The repository contains exercises, with and without the solutions, which I borrowed from @zbigniew :)